[Shark Tech]Touch-and-go,Destroy Your Opponents with Master Touch

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Let’s start with the obvious: the Black Shark 2 is a beast. Powered by the Snapdragon™ 855 Processor and Adreno™ 640 GPU (and cooled with Direct Touch Liquid Cooling 3.0), the Black Shark 2 pumps out some serious gaming performance. And thanks to monster specs, modern mobile games compete with PC and console games in terms of graphics, smoothness, and complexity. But, one thing has always held back mobile gaming to some extent: touch screen controls.

When you download a mobile FPS, for example, you’ll find a touch control layout: individual buttons for movement, looking down the scope, firing, leaning, crouching, proning, etc. To add to the difficulty, touchscreen buttons aren’t tactile, so missed presses are common. It can be difficult to pull off complex movements, if not impossible.

When we started designing the Black Shark 2, we set out to solve this problem. And we did.

Master Touch

 The Black Shark 2 features a completely new type of display engineered specifically for competitive gamers. A precision pressure-sensitive touchscreen and our unique pro software revolutionizes touchscreen controls. Here’s how it works:

While in game, pull down the Shark Space menu to access your pro settings. Select “Master Touch.” Here, you can set up custom left and right touch zones and custom trigger points.

[Master Touch Image]

When you apply extra touch pressure in these zones, a press is registered in the corresponding trigger point. Basically, you can press multiple on-screen buttons with a single press, and everything can be customized for a pro setup. You can even custom-tune pressure sensitivity to get everything just perfect. The Black Shark 2 remembers your custom settings for each game, so you only have to set up Master Touch once. Neat.

Easy to use. Easy to win.

Master touch, pressure sensitivity, touch zones, trigger points... sound complicated? It’s not. But don’t take out word for it Check out #TeamBlackShark member TalkToHand using Master Touch in PUBG mobile to move, lean, quick-scope, and fire with just two thumbs in PUBG Mobile:

[Master Touch video]

This is why the Black Shark 2 not only makes gaming way more fun, it also gives you a massive competitive edge across FPS, racing games, RPGs, and more. It’s also one of the may reasons we call the Black Shark 2 “the Best DPS Ever.” You’ll be pulling off pro moves with ease, while your opponents are all fumbling to press 3 touch buttons at the same time. Spoiler alert: you’re going to win.

Mater touch setting instruction.

You can set it up on the training space before you play.

1:Game basic settings:

Turn on the lean mode/ Turn on the peek open scope /The lean mode is set to hold press /Scope mode is set to long press


2:Operation settings - choose a custom layout

Select the first mode : move with your left hand and fire with your right hand


3: reset the layout

 Move the button of lean mode, open  scope, and shoot.


4: Slide out the game dock - master touch- pressure sense settings

Take a pressure-sensitive tutorial, you will to know how it amazing until start using it .

5: Click on the top pressure management (the first time you need to re-open the switch) 

Turn off the pressure on the left side, click on the bottom right corner to set the pressure, and click on the bottom right corner to save. Setting according to personal habits,you can be adjusted at any time) After the operation is completed, the pressure sensitivity setting interface is closed in the upper right corner.


6:Button mapping

Adjust the right pressure sensitive area to the maximum and map the R key to the left firing or scope key. Close the pressure sensitive mapping interface.

7: Master touch can be set at the training space before starting the game.

Press any free space on the right to shoot

Press the right lean and slide down to open the gun.

Press the right side opening scope and slide down to make open the scope and shoot the gun in the same time.


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