my phone get really hot when its charging

Its happen every times i charge my phone, its get really hot, hut if you use it while it charge it will cooling down??? What happen, please help


  • @royesh6 You are using the charger in the box or is it a third party dash charger?

    My phone does not get hot when I charge it with the one in the box. But if I use as fast charger or my sister's Oneplus dash charger or my laptop's type C charger it gets hot.

    When using any type of quick charge/fast charger above 20 watts, I think the device will get hot as it is trying to recharge the battery quickly that usual.

    But I do not think that it will get so hot that you can fry an egg on it!

    How hot does it get? Can you try a different charger or wall socket that the usual? Is the ambient temperature hot in your area?

    Just trying to rule out the usual suspects

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