Global black shark 1 is dead!

Global forum dead,no reply,waiting aprovals,lack manpower,coming soon bla bla bla,same excuse about update everyday,many ppl tell to migrate rom to Chinese version,thats not solution LOL,why selling it on global version if you can't make a schedule to update it,yeah just leave old global version and focus on your new product and Chinese version,



  • Bs1 global is update anymore

  • Saya menyesal membeli blackshark krn versi global yg buruk dan update tidak kunjung tiba.

  • It's not dead? The update will come to the global version, but I think it's normal that we see the Chinese version getting an update first as it's a Chinese company. Better they also test it properly than releasing it right away and big problems turn up like a performance drop like we have seen already.

    Sebentar @sandi241086. Update pie baru akan datang di black shark 1 global version segera.

  • They said me this! Finally!

  • Hopefully and it's true

  • I hope it's true!!!

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    Anyone of you seen Blackshark 2 Global has Light settings already out of the box? Watch here

    So Blackshark 2 Global has this Light settings already included. So is it safe to assume that Blackshark 1 and Helo is there to fund Blackshark 2? I hope not coz if this is true, that they abandon this phone in favor of Blackshark 2, well shit man, I'll never buy this phone and warn my friends to not buy on to this company's TRAP.

    I gave up already on this shit phone anymore. I regret I purchased this phone. Although still amazing, the blackshark team failed to deliver a complete product. This is an incomplete gaming phone, no screen recorder, useless light settings, screen suddenly going darkish in color bug and most of all, delayed to no plans of update. So yeah RIP blackshark 1

  • They said an update to black shark 1 is coming soon, in a chat on another thread they said tomorrow so just keep checking back, I'm sure you will get your update soon 🙂

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