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  • Thank you Team Black Shark for listening to your users feedback, 100% agree with @Divyaansha

    History has proven that brands listening their users keeps growing and keep their users faithfull like xiaomi or pocophone and brands not listening to users have failed like nokia with lumia, blackberry didn't want android, sony & htc with high price and no jack 3.5

    A lot of people are interested in Black Shark but here in europe a lot of people are not trusting buying online like in china or in india, if you want to become bigger you will have to sell through physical stores like xiaomi, pocophone and oneplus

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    Totally agree @booldega @Divyaansha,

    Hope to see some stores around in the future as I think Black Shark could grow much bigger!

    Great work with the update again btw!

  • Thank you for an amazing update. Big shout out to @Davon.z and the @BlackSharkTeam . Most of the bugs/features improvements in the May 2019 are wonderful.

    There are a few items that I (and I believe most of BS2 Global users) would like to have in the next update:

    1) Add consistent notification LED during screen lock. Now the RGB LED just blinks once when notification comes in and then nothing.

    2) Improve fingerprint detection speed. Look at the speed of fingerprint sensor on Oneplus 7 pro. BS2 Global dont have to be that fast. As long as it is as fast as Xiaomi Mi 9 is enough.

    3) Add support for Widevine CDM L1. Please please add this. I believe applying for this is free... Netflix on Full HD will be amazing on BS2's AMOLED screen.

    4) Add VoLTE support. I cannot get VoLTE using any network provider in Malaysia.

    5) 1) Touch delay on the edge of the screen. (refer https://forum.blackshark.com/discussion/42/black-shark-2-edge-screen-touch-delay-with-explanation-video) still exists after the May 2019 update.

    6) Improve Camera quality. The camera quality is slightly lower after the May 2019 update.

    7) No "Pocket Mode" function. Phone keep on activating in my pocket even if I just use Tap to wake. With Pocket Mode, the screen will not activate/turn on when the proximity sensor is blocked for example when it is on your pocket.

    8) if you use vibration motor for keyboard press, sometimes the vibration skips when you are typing. This bug still exists after the May 2019 update.

    9) System wide Dark/Black theme. It would be amazing on BS2's AMOLED screen.

    10) Night mode on camera.

    11) Option to disable notification bar when in Shark Space. Notification bar accidentally being swiped down when playing games.

    12) The option to turn off the Speaker Bass enhancement on the latest update is great. It can be further improved by adding advanced sound setting like Surround sound effect & equalizer..

    Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward for your next update. Thank you.

  • Is it black shark 2 itself doesnt support usd type c PD charging ? im tried uses Aukey PA-Y8 charger but the phone rejects the charge process after it shows charging rapidly

  • @zstratos99 You might want to open another discussion or add this to an existing topic containing issues with BS2. As far as I know, BS2 does support 27w / 4.8A Quick charge 4 or 4+. There could be some compatibility issues between the PD charger and quick charge on this phone. Someone on the inside or R&D @BlackSharkTeam might be able to help on this!

  • Thank you so much to all BS2 team for give us updates based on some of your user needs!

    Keep it up! Basically we only need you guys to give the complete updates so that BS2 can perform "normal" like any other flagship android phones. It's good to update the splitscreen mode and other android features, but my thoughts "why you guys disable it from the beginning?" :D

    It's okay for me if you guys decide that, but pls give continous complete updates for other feature you guys disabled, E.G. OPTION TO DISABLE ADS LIKE OTHER XIAOMI PHONES (MI 9, POCOPHONE, ETC) SO WE CAN HAVE OPTION TO DO NOT NEED TO SEE THE ADS WHILE USING PHONE

    Thank you so much & best regards from Indonesia!!

  • New update today!

  • And the BS1 it's obsolete for the team global @BlackSharkTeam i'm very disappointed

  • BS 1 whennnnnn

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