JOY UI - Chinese to English Version

I purchased a Black Shark 2 Pro from Online. Unfortunately it arrived with Chinese version.

I cannot use Chinese UI as I am not Chinese . Can any one help me to change this UI .

The current JOY UI is without Google Application and App Store.

Please help me to change this UI.



  • i will highly;y appreciate some help on this subject

    i have the same problem

  • ROMing (changing UI) is sadly not officially supported. Your best bet will be the XDA developers forum for these things but I wouldn't recommend doing that. Instead I would install the Google play store as well as other Google applications that you need. Just search on Google or the Mi forum how to install the Google store on the device. I heard it's not a big deal even though there might be some small issues here and there.

  • Return the phone even though you can install the play store Google apps will never be officially supported so Google arcore and recent games run terribly. The devs are really uptight and are not allowing bootloader unlock /root even though we know it voids the goddamn warranty these devs suck sell the phone and buy a rog phone 2 GG

  • I advise you to sell your blackshark, and buy asus rog phone 2, this is the best choice. Asus has a good service compared to BlackShark.

  • You can Hard Reset and select English, my friend has CN Rom but he has mostly english lang, and install google play and all other services search it on google there is a tutorial

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