Cooling Case

So quick question , since i have a shark2 with his own colling case , i wonder if it's compatible with the black shark 2 pro ...i saw some video on youtube about it but i kinda want to be 100% sure about it


  • Yea, because the sices of the phones are basically the same it should work 🤷‍♂️.

  • thx for the rep , that's a good news you happen to have a pro? if you do can you give me a feedback? because atm im debating if i should pick a red magic 3s since the pro price is kinda expensive and i already have a shark 2 .....sux that black shark dont support old user @buying new devices

  • @sirdiabolik sorry bro I cannot tell you from personal experience I only have the bs2. They don't even sell the bs2 pro in my region yet 😅.

  • That cooling case is useless they built it like PC cooling GPU but it doesn't work on phone my phone reach 45-47 degree is that cool NOOooo!!! it not cool at all for devil that is cool but for human that is extremely hot

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