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With its last three models, Black Shark has overshadowed all the latest gaming phone technologies, by combining unrivalled gaming performance and unmatched innovations, such as the world’s lowest latency screen touch, the 1st DSP independent image chipset used on a smartphone, Unique direct liquid cooling technology, Master touch, DC dimming and the Shark Space mode, that clears up all the memory in the background for an ultimate efficiency. 

Comment blow share with us <The reason why you choose Black Shark 2 Pro if you decided to order it>.

A.Cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor

B.Direct Touch Liquid Cooling 3.0+

C.Up to 12G RAM + 256G ROM with UFS 3.0 storage technology

D.The world’s lowest latency screen touch-The 240Hz touch report rate

E. 0.3mm screen touch accuracy 

F. Ludicrous Mode/ The Master touch 2.0/Shark Time/Shark Lighting/Host Mode(With gamepad)

G.Above all

H.Others reason(Why)

If you have any other idea or more reason you can comment share with us.

For example:

<The reason why I choose Black Shark is that The gaming experience is very enjoyable why I open game in Shark Space,I like it🤣>



  • The reason why I choose NOT to buy this new black shark and the ones to that will be released in the future after this one is because I know from my previous experience by owning the 1st gen black shark that, just as my current phone, this latest one will stop being supported in less then a year.

    So yeah...No Thanks.

    If people wanna throw their money away, by all means, go buy this phone and then regret it a year later.

  • yeah i already regret it but this is my last device from xiaomi

    next gaming phone i will choose rog phone for 100% sure

    blackshark phone is good, hardware is very good but the software and optimization is so sick and bad, and the team doesn't give a single f*ck to its customer.

    then yeah thanks blackshark for your blackshark 2 phone hardware very great but software have a lots of bug and please dont ever try to fix it or give any update because what you do its only give more bug to us.

  • I agree with not buying black shark anymore. Right now the Asus Rog 2 and red magic 3 are far more superior in terms of gaming. I have all three. And I am going to sell the black shark 2 pro. Touch latency is by far inferior to refresh rate ratio. Waste of money. Xiaomi should not have invested in this company. Even their own mi 9t is better. And, it also has a much better camera.

  • wait let me understand a bit better , you actually have a shark 2 pro ? it is so bad in terms of touch latency? it should be the world faster in that specific scenario .....im just curious cuz i wonder if i should aim for a red magic 3s which is going to release in europe soon

  • i just change my favorite phone from Asus zenfon to Xiaomi Black Shark in just a few month from what i experience for two generation im using Asus zenfone 2 and Asus zenfon max pro m1 it have same problem is signal strength, so i change my mind i would like to change something new that is Xiaomi Black Shark from what i saw in forum and FB there a lots of negative fed back from Black Shark user it also the same with Asus user in it own forum ,from what my past experience with Asus is connectivity is not that strong as Oppo v11 and Vivo Y91 but i don,t like this two phone because it don,t have performance for gaming small RAM and not to strong GPU but in signal connectivity oppo and vivo is top of rank,i work very far from signal tower but this two phone still receive signal 4g and 3g even though other phone not receiving signal at all and the worst is my phone Asus zenfon for the god sake not having signal at all,one of my friends said Xiaomi is good brands so i check on youtube and google about good gaming phone and i found this brands Xiaomi Black Shark 2 with 12gb ram 256rom and snapdragon 855 it can support 5g and this phone have X+2 antenna design that is it have 6 antenna, i say wow it awesome not like my old Asus zenfon it just have 2 entenna no wonder my signal is so weak i said so decision have been made i brought the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 it have been four month already im using it still new to it function and still learn about this gaming gadget phone i hope my decision not put me in regret state for what i have been choosing now this month Asus announce their new phone is in global market i hope Black Shark prove that they do better in this technology don,t make me go back on Asus again but asus ROG2 only have 4 antenna and don,t have DC Dimming but in performance is very powerful that what gaming company do but Asus mostly specialized in pc not in communication device not like Xiaomi who have been in this business for to long and i hope they more specialized in telecommunication devices

  • I would definitely look at the red magic 3s I have the BS 2 pro, Rog 2 and red magic 3. Rog 2 is excellent but pricey . RM 3 is awesome.

  • @Kurt you do realize black shark and Xiaomi are two different companies right? Xiaomi invested in black shark but does not own it Xiaomi phones are very good. The mi 9 t pro is better for gaming than bs 2 pro.camerabis miles ahead

  • well sadly it seems that red magic its even worst in terms of support and software on the global version....plenty of users are going nuts with it ....so far idk really what to get ....my black shark 2 it's so far a good gaming device ..maybe ill just wait for the next generation

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