joyui update/fix mp4 review and known issues so far

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MP4 update was great, here are the list i've got so far

  1. less overheating and battery consumption, max battery temp i got so far is 38-39 C on a prolonged gaming on max graphics settings on games (L2R and PUBG). on MP3, it gets really hot up to 43 C and can only last up to 4-5hrs max on intensive gaming.
  2. bug fixes, fingerprint unlock is faster than before. so as face unlock. there's no more flickering light as you unlock device. If you happen to accidentally flip your shark space switch while currently on a game app, it doesn't reset that app anymore, though it does close your other 'minimized' app, no issues with that.
  3. camera, there's an improvement on this app too. idk how but there's an improvement while i tested it, it did manage to capture some fine details on a few macro shots i did - no zoom, just focus/placing camera near the object. 240 fps slow mo is added folks, that's right! it works well on good lightings.
  4. noincall/nonotif, yep it automatically hangup phone calls for noincall. for nonotif i have a few issues, it now works on fb messenger chat heads, BUT still messenger calls are able to push through, kinda annoying.
  5. google wellbeing, well folks you can program your screen to grayscale+nightmode at night when you are sleeping, there's also a toggle button for 'invert colors'. you can monitor your activities and stuffs like that. search google for more info.

that's all i have for now, its great update btw. though here are few things i should mention to be added/fixed in mp5 update (hopefully).

  1. removing launcher selection prompt after exiting shark space (there should be a default launcher selection options at 'settings' instead)
  2. like i mentioned on nonotif, it should be able to block facebook messenger calls too. that pesky messenger flipping over your screen when you're currently on game is kinda annoying.
  3. dark theme should also apply to 'settings'too. - like someone said 'true dark theme UI stock android' only applies starting from android Q. well i guess you could set this option to a lower priority.
  4. gamepad, mouse toggle option applies to right gamepad keys only. we could've utilize mouse toggle option using arrow keys (left gamepad) since we mostly dont use it under game. - so to enjoy playing remotely (e.g. playing phone connected on tv, using gamepad L+R mounted on gamepad stand). There should be also an option to increase track pad size on screen.
  5. include a text message ringtone selection, we are most likely missing our text messages since its setup on 'default notification' category mixed with some not-so-urgent notifs. i'd like to have text message ringtone separated from the other notification ringtones.

known issues as of MP4 update

  1. Sometimes fingerprint unlock on 'grayscale' trigger (google wellbeing) having a hard time to unlock phone. takes usually longer than normal to recognize fingerprint or fails most of the time (found this delay/fail when you have wet hands either from washing or just sweat). 'invert color' is not a necessary feature but a feature nonetheless. fingerprint unlock option doesn't work on 'invert colors' (since it inverts the fingerprint lighting to black).
  2. Muted slow-mo for both 120 and 240fps (credit to @Eagle2454). Camera also struggles at night specially on taking videos. Slow mo at night inside a fluorescent lit room gives this flickering muted video plus there's this color imbalance column sliding from left-right. while to some muted slow-mo is okay to some its not, have the option to atleast enable/disable sound options for slow-mo.

please refer to for basic apps you can install to your phone for some necessary/extra features for your phone.

that's all for now, will be adding more in the future.

tagging @BlackSharkTeam @Davon.z Thank you! Looking forward to your feedback regarding this matter since, imo these are do-able update/fix you could apply to your next system update.


  • Hey @Dinosore, nice feedback.

    Small additions to your points:

    1. it is actually also in the settings but I don't know there seems to be some bugs with that since the beginning. Im using Nova Launcher and if keeps asking for the default launcher...always lol.
    2. Yea they rly gotta add it... super annoying true ^^
    3. Hmm I don't expect that to happen soon because actually the current version is normal stock "darkmode" of Android Pie. With Android Q true darkmode will be introduced. I hope we will see Android Q at some point in the future...
    4. Yea that would be amazing and kind of necessary IMO!
    5. Hmm, would be nice but I doubt we will see that anytime soon tbh? Especially considering this is very specific. Some people might think other notifications are the important ones? And that they will add complete customization for all of them of course would be nice...but I just simply doubt it.
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    @InMemoriam idk man, but from where i'm at. text message are more important than notifs.. it would be great to differentiate ringtones for text messages to other notifs (mostly internet notifs and/or app notifs) latter being default notification tones. I usually set my text message tone on distinct louder sound, which i hate to apply to regular notifs, since it ends up being annoying having to look at your phone each time it chimes.

    On topic - when google wellbeing (grayscale) triggers, fingerprint unlock has a hard time unlocking phone or even fails to unlock phone most of the time, worse if you do able to toggle 'invert colors' you can't fingerprint unlock your device at all🤣🤣🤣.

  • I agree 100% with @Dinosore

    @Davon.z Please see his recommendations. They are so true.

    P.S. Btw Dino, I am not facing any issues with fingerprint unlock like you mentioned in the post above.

  • @Divyaansha okay edit, marked it as "sometimes". since it sometimes happen when i go to sleep, lights turned off, and fingerprint scanning happens to be a bit off

  • I for one is happy with Muted slow-mo. But very disappointed that daves still havent solved the shark space bug where u cant swipe in from corners for settings. This has been there from start. else daves have been pushing out updates fairly regularly and kudos to them for that.

  • up! just logged in

    @tanta.dpk sorry for the late reply, but idk what bug it is you're talking about. unfortunately yes, you can't open settings when you're in shark space (switch toggle), i don't see a reason to either. i don't use switch either when playing games since it can be a bit annoying after you switch it off (launcher selection prompt and a few lags). and also gamer studio is still there even if you're not in shark space enabled gaming.

  • You can open settings in shark space from the notifications bar, I think tanta.dpk was on about the sharkspace gaming settings.

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