[Announcement]September 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2:Download now!



  • I didn't get any update ??

  • SKYW1907110OS00MP3 when will the people with this version get the update?

  • Same, haven't got it yet,it's the 2nd day so far.. Hope we wouldn't have to wait for a week to get update.. Thanks

  • edited October 2019 #15

    black shark 2 12 gb ram 256 gb rom

    SKYW1907110OS00MP3  my current system version

    security update may 5 2019 ( expiry patch)

    4 month used no update received

  • Hi, SKW1907110OS00MP3 not getting the update.

  • gotten the update.

    was good, however some bugs still.

    light show on but when screen turned off, it is automatically off.

  • okay SKW1907110OS00MP3 got update.. downloading now

  • So far it seems fine for me... nothing out of the ordinary with the lighting after finishing a call, or any noticeable bugs....also the not-so-annoying camera freeze up bug is finally taken care of (revoke the permissions from the camera app, then start it & allow them again... it worked for me and now the camera doesn't freeze at start, and I don't have to swipe it left-right to actually start it 😁). But: the Shark Space's overlay menu is showing up in games that are added themselves to the Shark Space even though I run them normally, not in the gamespace.... is this feature, or a long known, not repaired bug? It's not a really annoying thing (and a few games seem brigher, much more colorful too than before thanks to the gamespace default graphics settings :) ), just asking if you know about it :)

  • what does sharktime do?

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