[Announcement]Finally, Android P available in Black Shark 1 now!



  • yes same here hope they fix it make a topic so developers will notice and fix

  • the led light at the back is like RGB works when screen on screen off goes off plus works with notifications and calls too finally we can show off our device with cool led like rog phone plus with music only google music that random light change effect works with other music player its on normal green breathing mode to be honest i thank the developers for this something is better than nothing like in oreo only notification yes i agree there should be more options hope in future updates

  • Still can't connect to WIFI after updating. Please help.

  • I have blackshark 1 the international version and gamepad 2.. it was working perfectly till the pie 9.0 update.. dolphin Emulator started to crash when I move the analog stick (lift pad) or the touch pad (the right pad) .. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I tried different versions of dolphin but same problem... So please is there a fix or should i buy a different type of gamepad.. thank you..

  • Hi, after update my phone have this issue, : sound notification does not work, it only vibrate. I have already look up ad sound setting and adjust but still no sound is heard when notification arrive.

  • It seems to me that it is better to take the Chinese update and send to all users of Black Shark 1. And the team that does the update just do the translation.

  • I totally agree.

    But from what I have heard, the Chinese version has issues with Google app updates. Not sure though.

  • Still missing many things , notifications still don't work properly,I still don't get notifications from almost all the applications I have ,I have to open them in the background to receive notifications,I also want to control the S logo behind (I'm bs1)

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    When playing shadow fight 3 using gamepad 2.0, the buttons to attack the enemy don't work only the joypad of the game. After tweaking some game settings, the joypad and the buttons in the game will disappear. My workaround is to tick the in-frame optimize 3 times in the gamedock settings then, it will work fine.

    Hopefully, devs will fix this too on the next patch update. I can provide a video of it to help with the investigation

    And also, add brightness to the screen just a little bit coz at 50%, it still looks dim to my eyes. I need to set it to 80% to make the screen brighter

  • Подтверждаю индикатор уведомлений перестал работать. Только при зарядке и маленьком заряде. С чем это стало связано так и не понял.

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