[Announcement]Finally, Android P available in Black Shark 1 now!



  • did someone have a same problem too?

    just when click Masqed Crusader

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    It's good that you're fast on reporting some bugs, keep notify them bugs here, so the devs would include it in the other update packages in the future, give them support, they still a quite small factory, after all

    Meanwhile, still don't get the update tho, can't wait for the roll out process reach mine

  • Done updating

    1. Notice that the S logo is always lit when your using your phone. Unlike before it would just turn on during notifications.

    2. Now i cant connect with my wifi at home

  • Got the update, well, its better later than never. Anyhow, i think its pretty good, there are bugs but even with the bugs are much more better than the previous os.

    System is much faster, better latency. Back logo is working much often, even when you listening music the logo keeps blinking in all colors. However there are no options for set up. Screen recorder works fine. I can see improvements in camera, the software is better but still not perfect!

    Unfortunately no options for equaliser of music. Auto brightness adjuster is terrible when use in darker ambient. Fingerprint sensor much faster response but still 2-3 attemps to unlock. Need display to network actual ul/dl speed. And the fact of bad experience because we got the 9, when other bands are releasing 10.

    Thanks anyhow..

  • After the update my PC cant read BS hotspot , please fix it

  • The following issues are known for this release (we will fix the next release as soon as possible):

    Masqed Crusader(Network optimization assistant) in Performance compass is unstable and will flash back when you click.

  • Nice job for BS developer! Thanks and keep on going bro 👍️

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    Finally got the update up and running, start off with camera, the photo mode is now behave more properly(I.e taking photos, I tried with quick movements and it still capture photos reasonably well, too bad the video focus bug still there, though)

    And yus, same as other user posted above, the Masqed Crusader issue, and the backdoor led is now turned on with slow pulsing effect while the screen is on, and starts changing random colors rapidly when listening music (Dunno what would other user think about this one, but in my perspective, it's unique, even though sometimes the lights seems doesn't follow the rhythm of the music itself like.. it's just randomly catch up the beat/frequency)

    The GameDock UI is good, and SharkSpace looks fresh now

    Then, about the recording (THANK LORD IT IS AVAILABLE NOW) for now it is runs as expected, moreover, it can record the in-app/game sound as well. I went straight to test this feature after restart, the quality is damn good IMO, which is now this phone can be categorize as a more proper gaming phone, at last.

    (After fully inspection in screen recording feature, I came to a conclusion that the frame quality is dropping quite much, the sound quality still good but the volume is somehow decreased almost 50% the original)

    Oh and yeah, it seems the device is now run with lower temperature as well while browsing or so

    Something that I would like to have in this phone in the future update is:

    -flexibility on backdoor led config

    -camera video recording issue (make it able to change the focus while recording, and if possible, slowmo feature is great too 👍)

    -screen recording, especially video quality enhancement is required, sound on the other hand, still good

    I think that's all I would suggest now, I'll let it run for about a month, so I could find some other bugs that may still lurking in the shadows

    Overall, this patch is dope 👌👍

  • Hi guyss..im having problem such as power button not functioning, volume button not fuctioning as well..n sometimes the volume screen appear frequenly like i push the button..

    Has anyone having the same after bs1 global update??i wantee to send for repair but need to make sure it not due to the system update..if it is then just wait for the new update then.

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