black shark 2 issues that bothering me and needs fixing

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I just wanna note couple of things regardings black shark 2 that i am annoyed with , i am global EU version using the latest update

1st the flash light goes off after couple of seconds when its turned on specially when the screen get locked and goes off , double tap on the power botton to get camera on why not change that to turn the flash light on instead ? that gesture is so stupid

2nd implementation of the miui gestures instead of the normal pie gestures just like the one available on pocophone or any other miui os phone would do alot

3rd 48MP shooter on the back that doesnt shoot in 48MP in any mode ? shoots only 12 MP photos ? why bother put such camera then in the first place .

4th video recording doesnt have 60fps at any mode but the black shark 2 pro version does have it ? why ?

5th battery drain issues are crazy on standby each 1 hour takes about 2-3% of the battery and i think these battery drain issues need to be looked at

6th theme app not available , when choosing dark them the menus on the setting still white in color and not changing nore does the notification

7th need twrp and unlocking the phone and mods are available on other phones like k20pro and mi9 that allow overclocking the refresh rate on the screen to 85hz instead of 60hz

8th the mobile network doesnt have 2g select even when u put it on manual and select the 2g it automatically after few seconds goes back to 3g network


  • For Shure ur right

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    Nice points @chuck

    Agreed on all,

    Here is what I noticed with 2 points mentioned above.

    The flash light once selected in the notifications menu, stays on for at least 5 - 10 minutes for me till I decide to close it. I have huge power outages in my area and I have to (sadly) use it a lot.

    When I have face unlock active (which I will come to in a minute) :

    When you are using the flashlight, if you press the power button once, that will turn off your screen. ONE more press and the flashlight turns off. (#bug or intended feature that is not working otherwise)

    Now the in the same point where you do not want the Camera to turn on, you can disable it by going to System >> Gestures >> Jump to camera.

    Again, here I am not disagreeing with you coz you are right about

    1. If you turn on the flash light and if you have that face unlock wake setting set to ON >> As soon as you move the phone, the screen turns on too recognize your face then the flash light turns off.
    2. I too wish that the power button could be customization to something else like actually starting up the flashlight

    Your 3rd point is actually a marketing strategy started by most of the companies now a days (including Oneplus and Xiaomi). It is called Pixel binning -

    So it is actually an enhanced 12MP camera with pixel binned shots to make it 48 MP. Output is still 12MP equivalent but better.

    Camera quality can be improved though, specially night shots. I have heard they are working on it and will be implemented in the next releases.

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    i just compared a photo capture of a covered top (bottom pic) camera vs not covered (top pic), using built-in camera app. There's no difference! There should be noticeable difference if it does pixel binning

    There's also lacking of equalizer in this phone, surround/bass enhancement nada. I hope they add this one on next update including dark mode applied on settings

  • i had a pocophone before i got this bs2 and the built in cam on that was like 16mp and the picture quality was much better than what the bs2 does

    how can a 16mp produce picture better than a binned 48mp camera

  • Anyone having issues with the call functions??

    My phone doesn't display the call but it runs in the background so whenever my phone is on silent mode I tend to miss calls because it never displays. It does show up in the notification bar though

  • How do you know its not 48mp, there is an option to select 48mp

    why would you want a 2G?

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