[Announcement] Android Pie Beta test for Black Shark 1, apply now!

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Greetings Black Shark fans!

Thanks everyone apply for this beta test.

Considering that many fans want to participate in the experience of our system and we decided deliberately expand the scale of the test, finally the list is now published as follows:

Please join our Facebook group ASAP!


Our team of developers is looking for strong, dedicated, skilful and resourceful Blacks Shark 1 enthusiasts for our new Android Pie upgrade Beta testing program.

Do you want to experience the JoyUI / Android Pie OS that you are desperately waiting for, in action, before it is released?

Do you want to know what features will be added to the Android P version ahead of everyone else? (Like the Shark space 3.0)

If all of the answers were "Yes", then we invite you to apply for this internal voluntary beta tester recruitment program!

Come and join us in shaping the path for the future!

Important: Please register carefully and submit/provide the correct information as required.

[How to apply]

Please read the Beta application regulations and code of conduct.

1)Please click here to register: https://forms.gle/BoiLgopvB4HT7wBf6

2)Comment below with: #Blackshark1 and the reasons why we must choose you.

[Recruitment details]

Beta test model: Black Shark 1

Latest version: G66X1906170OS00MPX

Application time: August 3 to August 8, 2019

Total number of vacant testing positions: 50 people


[Application Notes]

We encourage you to read the below details thoroughly before applying. These requirements are mandatory, and have to be met to qualify:

1. Make sure your phone is not ROOTED.

2. Please make sure that the internal storage space of the mobile phone/device is sufficient, otherwise there will be a risk of upgrade failure. (To view available storage: Go to Settings - Storage). It will be better if you are able to hard reset the phone before the upgrade. Do Backup your existing data/files/messages/etc..

3. The internal test version is still unstable. There may be system crashes, poor battery life, and some applications may not be compatible. Please make sure you have a secondary device/phone at hand for daily use as a backup, and then confirm that you can accept/download the beta version, before you apply.

4. Another important requirement is the current OS on the Black Shark 1 device. Please make sure that the current version of the mobile phone operating system, is the latest version . (To view the Version number: Go to Settings -> System -> About the phone, view the version number information) Please upgrade to the latest version before applying.


We will announce the list of the chosen ones after the recruitment end date. It will be updated on the forum's homepage.

The applicants who get selected will be contacted separately with the program details.

Wishing you all the best.

Hope you get a chance to push the machine to its extreme limits during the internal testing process.

Long live the rebellion!

Godspeed.... To infinity and beyond! 



  • Requesting all the Blackshark 1 owners, who feel they are eligible for this, to apply as soon as possible.

    I have seen how frustrated you guys are from the various posts about the Blackshark 1 development (specially everyone who says it is dead)

    Please please take this opportunity and be a part of this. I have a Blackshark 2, so I cannot apply, hence my humble appeal to everyone. Blackshark 1 Android Pie Beta testing is a cool way to help the community grow.

    So happy about this step from the Blackshark team. Hope to see more in future.

  • #Blackshark1

    I want to create and make sure the process of unrooting the Blackshark to install the updates is 100% working. I am not afraid of bricking my phone. I am trying to prevent others from doing so.

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    I want to help the blackshark team to improve perfect the new update, and to work perfectly

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    please add double tap to wake and double tap off and can customize original theme and can remove google white bar

    make more lighter performance and add equlizer like miui so can boost audio when use earphone/headset

    icon battery for rapid charge so can identify is rapid charge or not and not only recognize when screen lock , add original cleaner for data

    add memory ram left so can see how much ram left

    make shark space icon so if button broken shark space , still can use shark space

    make 60fps default video player and battery to drain to much heating like hell please fix it

    make split screen can both work at same time/can play at same time not stop when touch one of split

    add shark space 3.0 have macro and fps real time in any condition not just for a game

  • completely agree, also improve the autonomy of the cell phone. 

    And as I see the image of the post you can see the P Standing with a beautiful green, that increases my hope that the cell phone looks more like JoyUi than Android Stock. (Google traductor is used in this comment sorry)

  • # Blackshark1

    It would be great to release the beta to all forum users who sign up, because as it is stable you will have no problems

  • #Blackshark1


    I'd like but my version is G66X1906251CN00MPP

  • #Blackshark1 why not we are rebellion we will be a part of blackshark 1 journey

  • #Blackshark1

    I need gamer studio and hdr

  • Yea, we are the rebellion, all of us need to help the Black Shark team to improve and to work without problem the new Android. Let s help the black shark team

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