China Rom Vs Global Rom

Hi guys, need your assistance here, can you split out the info between this two rom? WHICH IS THE BEST?!

Which is the best and where can we get it?

Does it bring any harm to user if we changing rom?


  • Hey @Naimshamri,

    ROMing is not officially supported and it's not a trivial task to switch between them. Even successfully doing so (in unofficially ways) will also cause your phone to not receive any updates (OTAs) anymore. You can read about this topic on the XDA-Developer forum.

    That being said I guess the Chinese version has much more features but there is only Chinese and English as languages and no Google services are pre installed. The Chinese ROM is build for the Chinese market only so you might run into other issues as well.

  • @InMemoriam Hi Thanks for replying.

    Thats cool, i have a lot of question about the Global rom actually. But its okay. Would you mine to share the link of XDA-Developer forum?

  • Hey @Naimshamri,

    As I said I DO NOT recommend ROMing/rooting/... or anything else that is suggested on the forum as its not officially supported! Mostly as a "normal" user you will find apps and other things to archive additional features.

    Obviously you can ask everything about the global ROM here in the forum but for anything else that goes beyond what Black Shark has intended you to do with your phone this will be the place for it:

    Please do not brick your phone and ask here what you should do about it...


  • I was also looking for information to change the International ROM to Global ROM.

    I would love for Xiaomi to make the Global ROM available for upgrade.

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