New bug: Camera is froze when opened

edited July 2019 in Black Shark 2

Every time I open the camera app the screen is frozen, I have to switch to a different mode then back again to fix it ☹.



  • Hmm mine is fine. Maybe you can clear cache and restart the phone. Maybe that solves the issue for you?

  • I have already tried multiple times, camera is still always froze when I open it.

  • I found the cause, if the location permission isn't granted the camera will be frozen until you swipe left or right, turning location info off in the camera itself is fine though and won't cause the bug. @Davon.z

  • I can also confirm that something is buggy in the camera app too... I just updated my phone and the camera crashed all the time I wanted to start it, asking for a phone restart... after that it seems working but still somewhat buggy (starts asking for permission for the location, but either if I aloow it or not, the camera seems frozen after start...and only works after swiping left or right to a different mode)... i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the latest update (yesterday the camera app worked just fine for me), so I also hope it will be fixed in the next update (or in a quick fix)

  • agree

    camera its so slow and buggy

    they should make camera app more smoother

  • I allowed the location permission for the camera app and the problem has gone for me.

    Do you have the location permission allowed and it still crashes?

  • Allowed, disabled, it's still the same... not crashing, just freeze up on start... annoying, but a quick left-right swipe and it's working again :) i hope they fix this annoyance on the next update... otherwise there aren't any problems with the device or the apps at all :)

  • clear the cache .....hmm how ? because there is no option to wipe out cache not even on bootloader

  • I know yeh I don't know why they removed all the commands, it's silly really.

  • Hi someone my camera still freeze after I update my last OS ... Can someone tell to fix this freeze camera witout change mode camera first after open it?

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