Système data problem

Following I do not know what installation of app, I could not have the led that illuminated with the rhythm of the music, however I still had the led for the notifs, calls and messages ..

but by wanting to reset the system with the factory settings, I mistakenly delete my photos and videos, I was able to recover partially because I can not recover my photos taken with the camera (folder: DCIM-> Camera) despite several software and apps found on the net .. after I understand that it has made my problem worse, but that I turn to so that you can guide me or give me a black shark software so that I can find my photos and that LEDs are activated to the rhythm of the music, because as it is the last smartphones overpowering, the software does not follow (at least not immediately). hoping that you can help me solve my problem .. cordially, wes


  • You can use the poweramp music player in the play store and the music light settings work 🙂, also if you factory reset your device the only way to get back the data would be if it was backed up to a cloud service.

  • Hey @stryko,

    As LinkSSZ described there are only a few apps that support the LED music lights. If you use Spotify they go crazy. Just depends on the service you use.

    If you're not a IT forensics guy you will have a difficult time restoring them. And as you probably have done too much with the phone by now (installing different stuff and what not) I think they are rly completely gone by now. Sorry.

  • I think there may be some sort of cpu/gpu issue.

    The heat level only displays correctly after changing the setting and putting it back.

  • thank you for your answers, but I used audiify (a lightweight music player but was not recognized as a music player ..), however I used Soundcloud and Spotify and it works again and the led recognizes the music .. to add that my main problem was to recover the DCIM files because by resetting in factory mode, it deleted all the files .. and as the black shark2 is one of the last smartphones, I could not find software to recover the lost data and that I installed recuva and testdisk; 2 powerful software to recover the deleted data but the software does not find the folder DCIM .. and sorry for the trafuction, I'm french lol

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