Black Shark 1 Kernel Sources released!

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To all my developer friends out there: GOOD NEWS! Black Shark finally wants to comply with the GPL and has released kernel sources for the Black Shark 1.

In the file its written that the files are in the "shark-o" branch but actually they are in the "shark_o" branch. Not sure if its a problem from git but changing to the shark_o branch directly on the git homepage always returns me a "500" error.

Anyway - cloning the repro and changing to the branch locally (git checkout shark_o) I'm able to inspect the files.

Sources for the BS2 are about to come soon from what I've heard. Stay tuned!


  • Awesome!

  • Waiting for BS2.

  • What does this thing do to BS1? Anywany can enlighten me? Im newbie.......

  • Nothing for normal users. It's only useful for people who want to void their warranty, modify their phones, brick their phones while knowing what they are doing.

  • Oh shoot, warranty will gone if i did this. Actually what does this thing do to Blackshark? Does it improve performance?

    By the way thankyou for replying me.

  • It allows phone modders to build custom kernels. Those kernels might have more security patches, more features, overclocking, undervolting, more cpu/gpu schedulers, etc. But it's for people who know what they're doing. You can see at xda-developers, xiaomi-black-shark tag, the threads there. They have instructions on how to do different things, and all the threads have people bricking their phones because they don't read instructions.

    Back to the point, custom kernels might have better performance, or better battery usage, or more features, generally.

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    Haha 😂 "...who want to brick their phone" 😂 actually true though 😂 well explained haha.

    Anyway @Naimshamri I would leave my fingers away from ROMing/rooting as newbie as it's not officially supported. These files will help to build custom ROMs/custom kernels like gilbertqwerty1 explained. Easy to screw something up if you don't follow instructions very precisley."brick" means that your phone basically cannot do anything anymore until you manage to do something about it and that will be even much more work as newbie.

  • @InMemoriam Oh wow.. Thankyou. Will stick to global at the momment.

  • i am using custom rom on my other phone ressurection remix tons of customization i hope xda guys make now for my bs1 to and for those who bricking warranty i say dont root or install twrp and custom rom until you feel you mobile company has left your fone updates then its time for these things its your mistake if you brick your phone i am not a developer or geek i have just basic knowledge read first follow instruction step by step i wrote down followed each step unlocked bootloader through ADB fastboot rooted the phone then installed custom rom oreo8.1 now pie on my asus zenfone selfie as it was left on marshmallow no updates etc.

    for black shark i would say wit 1 to 2 years as these guy will release pie soon and i hope android Q as well the Bs1 will be left as new device of black shark would have come by that time in the market either buy them or update your old bs1 by custom rom.

    read understand the do roming best learn on youtube thats how i learned.

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