Light Notif. problem after update. BS2 Global

After installing the recent update for BS2 Globa (mp3), the light notifcation bar is not working properly. The notification is "ALWAYS ON" even though I turned it off. Before the update, it is fine. How to fix this?


  • Yes, I can confirm that this is true @Davon.z

    Resetting the settings, clearing cache, rebooting the phone does not work. Tried it :(

    Here is the video explaining it

    Basically, if the light settings are on, the notifications show it as the picture/video above. If I click on the Circle to turn off the light settings, it disables the light settings but the notification button comes back to active status.

    After that, if you try to activate the light settings, they will not turn on till you either disable and enable it again.. OR go to Settings, light settings, more, and start it from there.

  • I'm having the same issue but turning it off and on again in the notifications menu fixes it for me.

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    Thanks bro.

    This is a confirmed problem, which is caused by the display error caused by the optimization of lighting effect Settings in this version. The actual state of lighting effect is off.

    This problem will be resolved in a later OTA versions.

  • Thank you @Davon.z 😊

    You are awesome! Keep it up guys... Updates are so so encouraging & welcomed... Will keep it added to my list for future.

  • "clearing cache"

    @Divyaansha how to clear the cache?

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    @Davon.z please fix slow charging after update. after updating charging too slow, which usually from 10% to 100% only takes 1 and a half hours now to be more than 2 hours.

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