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Since we started Black Shark, the goal has remained the same: to create not just the greatest gaming products, but also the greatest community of gamers. We’ve had a blast here on the forums reading your comments and stories, and your feedback is invaluable.

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  • First of all Sorry to my English.

    I Just Recently Purchase Black Shark To froze Silver Colour in India

    BS2 is Fantastic Phone, Display is Gorgeous..!!.. Gaming Mode provide too many Option & Power full Design, but just Cons here day to day uses like,

    must need to improve or add below option ::

    ** Launcher ::add Icon Pack Support, add Icon Size Customisation Like Oneplus.

    ** Improve Notification Bar :: Notification Bar Swipe Once Add Setting button And Brightness Bar.

    **Call :: Whenever We Take Call on Loud Speaker Just Bottom Speaker Are Work Please Fix this First.. Coz i Can't take call on loud..

    ** Media Play :: Speaker Sound Pitch are much low.. if we are in noisy area we can't listen anything with this stereo speaker.. please improve speaker & Boost Volume Level..!!..

    **add pre-install Google Wallpaper Application.

    **add night mode in camera app & please improve camera app, coz redmi note 7 pro better click then BS2

    ** in-display-fingerprint sensor bugs when we use to unlocking phone display is flicking and background wallpaper colour are change like green or Gray , I Don't Know what exactly done..!!.. but display flicking badly.. please fix it as soon as possible.

    ** add notification RGB LIght Customisation option like when light up n how much time, coz now whenever i get notification just once light up n close.!!

  • I forgot to say

    - more setting for fingerprint

    - for speaker, like equalizer

    - and notifications

  • Too late, i sold my BS2

  • edited July 2019 #4

    Recently, I heard BS Team will setup new sequel device of BS2, I think That is better to concentrate Software update on BS2 than setup new device

  • VOLTE enable. please

  • Please fix :

    1. Game crash when low power notification show

    2. Fingerprint so slow

    3. Double tap to wake even on low power mode

    4. Screen recording menu on gamestudio

    5. Sometimes fingerprint not work and force me to restart

  • 1. more music apps will be able to set the lights.

    2. the lights don't go out while playing music.

    3. it doesn't turn off accessibility settings.

    4. App notifications aren't coming well, (ex.Naver Cafe App)

    5. sound equalizing

    1. keep regular software update for black shark 1 and 2 thats all...
  • i'm use black shark 2 skywalker rom global.

    what i need now is just give me fix for game dock, my game dock did't came out when i'm slide inword from any corner of my device, and i had tried any way to solve shis, but no one work, my black shark now just feel like a regular phone, black shark whitout game dock look like shark without a tooth. :(

    please help me with give me update to solve my problem.

    dear dev, please help my problem, thanks before. :(

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