Help! Cant play any games!

Got the phone yesterday. Everytime i go in shark space, this screen shows up. Even after multiple swipes as said, nothing happenes. Stuck here.



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    @tanta.dpk Swipe from the top left, or the top right edge of the screen. Make sure to pull the swipe inside like you are dragging the edge inward towards the center. This will display the Game studio and complete the tutorial.

    That will work.

  • No use. Have tried every kind of gesture. From swiping in straight to curve to swiping at 45 degrees from corner. Nothing happening. This is frustrating.

  • I totally agree.

    Could you try a few more things?

    1. Try resetting the game dock. It is under settings > game dock > "more" on the top right > Restore all settings.
    2. Come out of shark space, shut down the phone. switch on the shark space key and then start the phone.

    Can you load the game outside of shark space, from the normal launcher? Could you try that?

  • Nope. Did as u instructed. Though if u exit shark space with game on, it works normally. But if u open a game in normal mode, u have enter and then leave shark space to make this notification go away. Can this be a software glitch??

  • You might be right. But let us try 2 more things before I give up lol.

    Trial 1

    Go to settings > in the search bar type "Display" and select the "Display over other apps" from the list. Then click on the 3 dots on the top right and select Show system.

    This will show system apps. Now search for Game dock and uncheck and check the Allow display tick.

    Now try to see if it works. Else:

    Trail 2

    Remove all the games from Shark space. Press and hold the game icon "IN Shark space". Remove. This will not remove the game itself, just the SSpace layover.

    Now reset the Game Dock by:

    Going to settings > apps & notifications > See all apps > 3 dots on the top right > Show system >

    Scroll to Game dock > Storage > Clear storage.


    Start Shark Space. Complete tutorial and you should be done hopefully

  • Trial 1 did the trick! Many many thanks. Though now I don't have access to that half curved menu in shark space though 🥺

    Thanks for taking all this pain to bear with me. Hope the software supports keeps steady.

    Excellent hardware and make quality but tbh software reminded me of my window phone days 😅

    I chose this over oneplus 7 pro and the only thing that left a bitter taste in my mouth is software.

    Why ddnt black shark used MIUI? Thats a very matured OS and we wouldn't be facing any problems here. Just curious

    Thanks again man!

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    Awesome! For starters it is good. What trail one proves that it was an issue with the Game dock setup.

    You are absolutely right. I did the same. I chose this over 1+7 PRO.

    I am glad you are loving the phone same as me. Software is definitely their Achilles heal at the moment.

    Windows phone days: Nooooo! why did you remind me of those. now I will have nightmares lol

    Black Shark is an independent company and MIUI is proprietary to Xiaomi. Even though they are backing Black shark, they do not have any involvement in the development of the software. I wish it was not the case though. Would have been amazing!

    Ps. You can do the Trail 2 if you have time. That will give you the access to the Game dock for sure.

    Waiting to hear from you.

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    Did Trail 2 but no results. Anyway at least I can play the games at one place without going in and out of shark space. TBH, i would be more happy if they can give us an app for SS and let us map off the hard key for something else like toggeling between normal and silent mode.

    OS is very unpolished as of now Tbh and need a lots of tinkering. We dont even have all 3 Android buttons at bottom nor the option of changing the position of back button from left to right! I guess themes and system wide dark mode are very far dreams as of now.

    U have remarkable knowledge of the system man. Kudos to you for being so active here and helping newbies like us. Keep up the good work.

    Also hoping those guys over at XDA comes up with custom rom sooner or later. But I doubt as I dont think this phone is going to have that high sales to create that demand. I am ligit interested about their sales numbers in India and europe as of now. That would give an idea of what kind of interest market has and what kind of support we can expext. I am sure you will be tinkering with OS further. Please keep us all updated with tips and tricks you come up with. 👍

  • To get the normal 3 buttons go to settings>system>gestures then turn off swipe up on home button.

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