What about Black Shark 1 updates?

Apparently Black Shark 1 buyers have been overlooked.

All attention is focused on Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 3 and there is no news on black shark 1 updates.

It seems that the company does not remember that the other cell phones were only successful after the purchase and recommendations of the users who bought the first model. Now they have outdated cell phones, with security updates from October last year.

And then Shark team, what do you have to say about that. Will we users of black shark 1 really be forgotten?



  • Go to their Facebook page and make some noise there maybe they will hear us and give us Android 10 for bs1 global version. Also do note due to the current virus situation we might have to wait a while. Hopefully it's coming!

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    Unfortunately they are also overlooking BS2 users as well, as I've been stuck on the 2019 November patch, almost no noise, only about BS2PRO and the BS3/BS3PRO.

    On they Twitter page they are saying that from may 6th the OTA patch will start coming for all phones I think, so let's wait until the end of may, but surely noise must be done, I've sent them a message on twitter but still no answer, I've also sent an email on the "Contact Us" tab, that says that my complain was open but I Haven't got an answer until now, lets hope they are aware of these update mistakes and are already working on them!

  • Where do you find yourself in? Europe, or are you connected to an European server at all?

    Hi there! Black Shark's support Team hitted me up.

    It turns out that we are EEA version system, because of Europe (Angola uses the European server). I don't know if he's okay on me telling his name but told me that the MP6 is currently being tested in CTS for BS1, but he said it is going to roll out next week for all EEA versions, as well as the JoyUI11 :)

    Let's hope for the best :).

  • Question, pal

    What's the mp6 and cts you mentioned are about? So glad to finally hear something good for the sake of BS1 Users, and all other series besides 2Pro and 3/3pro for crying out loud..(mostly because of the expiring security patch we had in bs1)

  • Hey guys, is there an update bs2?

  • Lets hope bs1 user will at least get Android 10!

  • The MP6 is the security patch of 2020, January if I'm not mistaken. If you're connected to some European server, they are currently making a CTS (compatibility test suite) to create a compatible version to the European server, that is called EEA(European Economic Area), not OTA(Over the Air), that's why Europe always has delayed updates. As far as what I've been told, it's coming out next week, but I would wait around two to three to make sure. These things always get some kind of delay.

    The same will happen to JoyUI11, I think they want to just rush the delivery of JoyUI11 since Xiaomi is now testing the MIUI12, and they probably want to get on that soon.

    If from the next week on you receive no update, complain to the techsupport@blackshark.com and gives us an update of the situation :)

    PS: Não notei que vc falava português kkk qualquer coisa só chamar :).

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  • January security patch is not good enough for bs1. At least provide February or later for bs1 cause February solve a major issue!

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