My Black Shark 2 Global does not have "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" which other user have


I bought my BS2 global from official Black Shark seller in Malaysia. I am using Unifi Mobile network which supports VoLTE (tested it with my wife's Huawei Nova 3i). I also tried it with another network in Malaysia that supports VoLTE which is Umobile. Both network/simcard can get VoLTE in my wife's phone. When i checked my phones network settings, i cannot find option to enable "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode". I saw some BS2 users in this forum having this option. Why my BS2 global does not have this? Hope @BlackSharkTeam and @VVVVVV can give an answer. Tq.



  • @neohimura

    1. What Rom update are you on?
    2. Could you press *#*#4636#*#* Phone information > and show me what shows up under Data connection Real -time info? (make sure to not update or upload any personal information from that screen)
    3. I checked online and Black shark 2 does support the bands that Umobile and UNIFI work on.

    You might want to try a few things:

    1. check with the network provider if they have Black Shark 2 white-listed with them.
    2. check the setting on sim 2. make sure you reboot the phone after switching sims.

    @BlackSharkTeam could you please look into this issue. There are many issues with the LTE connections faced by multiple users.

  • Hi @Divyaansha

    Im on SKYW1905191OS00MP2.

    I have contacted the network and their reply is as follows:

    "For unifi mobile is support with VoLTE. This service is automatic active and we cannot enable from our side. You need to check again your phone setting with your phone manufacturer."

    The screenshot of phone information is attached below. I am not sure if the place i am in now has volte. I will post an updated screenshot when i am in a place that has volte for sure. Please guide me on what information should i look for on the info.

    I will try sim2 later.


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    I agree with what unifi said. I have done some research on them and they have the bands that BS2 supports. Please let me know if it is working in another area.

    In the screenshot above, I was looking for Volte provisioned button. The network is LTE not sure why it is picking up the option. Need to check

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    This is what mine looks like

  • Hi @Divyaansha

    Sorry for the late reply. I already tried it in multiple areas where VoLTE is available. I confirmed it by trying my simcard on my wife's phone (Huawei Nova 3i). On her phone can get VoLTE almost instantly..

    Each time I checked  *#*#4636#*#* and the result is same as my previous screenshot. Changing my simcard to 2nd simtray doesn't work either.

    Please help @Davon.z , @BlackSharkTeam

  • God I wish there was a way to take a remote of your phone and check.

    @neohimura I might sound like a primitive human living in a cave but is it possible to ask your provider to send you internet settings via SMS?

    All that is required is for the handset to recognize that the network is Volte capable. I am sure it is an issue with the software itself and that it is not auto doing that forcefully, or maybe some issue with the operator binaries missing with the BlackShark.

    (Crappy IMS settings urrrghh !!!)

    Could you also try one more thing if the SMS is not possible/working:

    Put your sim card in the phone. Go to network settings > Access point names > + to add

    Name : ims

    APN  : ims

    APN type : ims

    APN protocol : ipv4 / ipv6

    And click on the 3 dots on the top right and SAVE.

    Then go to *#*#4636#*#*  > Change that Set preferred network type to LTE only.

    Then Mobile Radio power > off and then on. Twice just for good measures.

    Wait for a few minutes and reboot the phone.

  • does using this setting will drain a lot battery or what ?

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    Ideally on an overall scale during the day no. It does use some specific bands for the network but the power consumption is negligible. Improves the call quality and internet useage though. So is a plus.

    I am sad why neo is not getting that option. Hope to see his issue resolved soon so that he can get the most out of his device.

  • i also need some hlp to active volte on my bs2 pro

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    I also have this issue

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