[MyWayToPlayGames] Rebellions , all these models are enough to meet your needs?

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From Black Shark 1 to the latest Black Shark 2 Pro

We had provide the best gaming experience for all the friends,

Such as:

Cooling wafer console mode could completely release the performance of the CPU;

Console mode allows you to experience the ultimate control experience brought by the gamepad;

The host mode allows you to enjoy the visual game enjoyment brought by the big screen.....

Do you think these Black Shark models are enough to meet your needs in your daily life?

Or do you have a better game mode to share with everyone?

Comment and share with us blow with the topic #MyWayToPlayGame.

For example:

#MyWayToPlayGames I like the console mode because I’m a fan of PUBG games, the game experience brought by the gamepad is completely different

Comment below!


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