So is Black Shark 2 Pro really can't handle Netflix or is it because of Chinese ROM since China blocks Netflix ?

It's really disappointing getting a new phone but crippled like this. Is there any way to make Netflix work on Black Shark 2 Phone ?

Had I known this, I wouldn't buy BS2PRO and get other gaming phone instead. This is really a huge mistake. I'll stay away from Black Shark if it really can't handle Netflix.


  • Can't say for China ROM since I'm on Global, but I can install Netflix on my 2 Pro just fine.

  • On the global version of the bs1, bs2 and the bs2pro it works fine. Don't know about the chinese rom. May I ask what is not working?

  • Ok, as mentioned in the comments above, you should not have any issues installing Netflix on the China ROM. (as long as you have installed all the Google packages correctly)

    @Davon.z Could you please have someone check this on @BlackSharkTeam

  • Currently I need to sideload most streaming services/apps like Netflix and Disney+...idk works still fine but the Google store just says the device is not supported 😵

  • Maybe they havent written the right phone details in OS files... that is causing it... Lets see if Davon can find what it is.

    To be frank, from the OP, there is not much information to go about. What is happening when, error messages, OS version, screenshots, etc

  • Buenas estamos en beta joyui 11 global y netflix no funciona. Solo con la app aptoide instalando un version anterior si funciona

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    My Black Shark 2 Pro also cannot install netflix apk. Did you solve the problem?

  • @Jessiemassey as mentioned before just sideload it from somewhere else for now (like APKPure or another store of your choice). Just from the google store its not available right now but it still works fine as soon as you have it installed.

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