[Announcement]November 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2 Pro:Download now!

edited December 2019 in Black Shark 2 Pro

We're very excited to push you the awaited Global OTA(over-the-air) update for Black Shark 2 Pro!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts and contributions of testers, game users and developers .

Kindly check and download your System Updates for new updates from now. 

Since we have made special optimization for the global version package in different regions, this time it is has to be divided into two versions of push, please do not worried if you receive different version upgrades.

The corresponding changelog and version number is as follows, please check it:

Update changelog

(DLTR1908193OS01MP0→ → DLTR1911121OS01MP1;

DLTR1908010OS00MP0→ → DLTR1911090OS00MP1;

DLTR1908193OS00MP0→ →DLTR1911250OS00MP1)

1. Update Google Security Patch to 2019-10-05

2. Added language support for Korean, Lithuanian, Arabic

3. Added unread notification light effect reminder feature

4. Addressed issue of camera 2X not smooth

5. Addressed issue that USB Debugging cannot be turned off

6. Addressed issue that may cause Sharktime click failure

7. Addressed issue that may cause notification not display

8. Addressed issue of GameDock wakeup gesture malfuntion

9. Optimized power consumption of FaceUnlock

10. Optimized Sound effect of Karaoke App

11. Optimized Camera stability

12. Optimized system stability

13. Optimized stability when using GamePad

14. Optimized some translation

15. Optimized compatibility of NoInCall in GameDock and adapt some mainstream social applications

16. Optimized Sharktime floating ball and it can show up correctly

17. Optimized Icon of LightEffect in QuickSettings

Your feedback is appreciated ,the voice of you is very valuable for us.

We may not always be able to respond to every comment in the forums, but please be assured that we take your comments and feedback seriously. Hope you enjoy and let us know how you feel about the update in the comments below.

Thank you for your patience and support again.

Notes: This version will be a staged rollout, so it will come to a small percentage of users at first, and then roll out to more users over the next few days.



  • I was very excited about the addition of the side light notification that I immediately updated the rom, but nothing has changed since then.

    In the light effects menu under Settings, I have already enabled side lights for notifications, and have even selected certain applications that will trigger the sidelights (whatsapp, line, instagram). I have also set different light work (flowing/else) and different colors for the apps so I know which notifications I have received, but when messages were received for those apps, the side lights do not activate.

    What is wrong?

  • Hey @azurev,

    I don't have the bs2pro so I cannot tell exactly but the feature that you can now also select specific apps for the side leds sounds awesome (if it would work...). Was one of my feature requests as soon as I got the bs2 :P. Anyway I just assume there might be a similarity between the bs2 and the bs2pro that only the first notification that you get actually triggers the side LEDs. Try swiping away all notifications (also the weather one... that also counts) and maybe then if you get a whatsapp notification you can see the side LEDs activating? Just an assumption knowing about the bs2 bugs though. Hope they will sort out these things soon.


  • Lol almost 5 months and only get security patch update (OCTOBER) and fixed some bugs ? RIP Retarded Global ROM. When it should be within 5 months, the developer can renew the UI or update to Android 10.

    I think android 10 in Bs 2 pro GLOBAL ROM will airing in 2021 when another vendor already using android 12 or 13 🤣


  • Hello dear developers!!! I`m here to ask you to consider to release the files to allow other developers get custom rom´s. It would make this gadget really get extra help to be better. And I would ask to add a function to change virtual buttons on the bottom, once I´m used to work with back button in the right side. Thanks for any consideration!!! 👍️



  • It still doesn't reach my device, I hope the system improves

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