Black Shark 2 Pro camera app doesn't work well with bluetooth shutter

edited November 2019 in Black Shark 2 Pro

Tested the Bluetooth shutter while at main screen, press the button and volume can be adjusted. Start Camera app, press the shutter but no response at all. Tested with some other camera apps that downloaded from Play Store. Worked well with the Bluetooth shutter.

Do anyone have this problem as well?



  • Hey @SamWong, I never tried a bluetooth shutter because I ain't got one (nor need one tbh). But out of curiosity what bluetooth shutter do you use? I don't know about the bs2 pro as I only have the bs2 but considering it probably has the same camera software I would recommend trying out the google ports anyway. Not sure about the pro because it has the SD855+ if these ports also work but I followed this guide for the samsung s10 to take amazing pictures on my bs2:

    If that crashes for you there are for sure other ports for the SD855+ that should work. It will make better pictures and the bluetooth shutter also should work. If you find a very good working one for the bs2pro please give me a heads up so I can recommend it to other bs2pro users.

  • Hi, Thanks for your advise. I'll give that a try!

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