How long is the lifespan of B.Sk2PRO if used heavily everyday maybe once or twice fully charged

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How long will Black Shark 2 PRO last if used heavily everyday for gaming like once or twice fully charged or about 4 to 8 hours daily.

I read that most phones under heavy use will in the end have a dead battery or screen because of heat.

Anyone knows from experience ? Never game much on phones before I usually play casual game or use emulator for hvy games, but black shark is a fun phone to use.

I hope next product will use at least 6000 mAh. Charging is superfast why 4000 ?? 6000mah should be the minimum standard for gaming phones in the future. It will easily last 5h even on max setting pubg, more if we conserve battery using lower setting.

Or make it REMOVEABLE BATTERY, I'd kill for that, how many souls I'll provide (I'm not a violent person, just to emphasize how I miss removable battery in phones and I bet a lot of ppl do too) I don't care if it will be bulkier or heavier. And Screen should be at least 6.5. 7inch is preferable. 8 inch is max. above that is probably too big.


  • Hey @Smurfin,

    Assuming the battery (and charging speed) of the bs2 and the bs2pro is actually the same I can say the lifespan is pretty decent. I'm using my bs2 very extensively every day since I got it in the very beginning and the battery life is still the best I've ever experienced on any smartphone. The "liquid" cooling also helps to keep the battery cooler than with other phones. That also should help the lifespan in the long term.

    Anyway bottom line the battery technology in the bs2pro as in most other phones is the same as there are no major breakthroughs in battery technologies. That basically means you could charge your battery slower and only to 80% to drastically improve your battery lifespan. But I personally don't think that is rly necessary. Why?: It is a gaming phone. Considering that the market and the technology is moving quickly in a couple of years the SoC itself will be outdated and wont be able to serve the purpose of a gaming phone. Until then your battery should be fine. Then you probably have to consider buying a new phone to still be able to play games at max settings.

    Removable batteries like in the Nokia 3210 have been nice but sadly that's not the default anymore nowadays. But there are also benefits like a better water resistance that come from that... Anyway its not impossible to change the battery. If you're skilled working with tiny things you could do it yourself but you could also give it to some repair guy that can do it for you. You just need to find the fitting battery and that might be slightly more difficult but still not impossible.

  • @InMemoriam

    Thanks for sharing your experience, now I'm content. I also turn on the smart charging or intelligent charging or whatever I forgot the exact term, basically the software will adjust charging speed depending on battery temperature. Hope that also helps.

    Yea it's a bit disappointing about battery technology, what's new is it only allows fast charging now, but the capacity and durability are pretty much the same. I must admit if only ROG Phone 2 is cheaper or more or less the same, I would buy that instead. A Mobile's utmost importance to me other than price and performance is battery life. That's why I'm a bit disappointed knowing that my bs2pro can only last around 3hours and a half at max setting pubg (tested by someone on Youtube) while BS2 can last 5h dunno what setting. They should go with 6k mAh like Asus.

    The reason why most manufacturers don't use removable batteries anymore is because they can go crazier with design and most ppl choose design over removable batteries. Also, come to think of it, It's kinda useless though, I ever had a phone with removable battery, and after 2 years even when I already bought a new battery, the battery still had short battery life. Seems like most of the batteries were old stocks and probably had degraded over time. Removable battery was the reason why I kept using it for so long.

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