Is there any way to downclock ?

I watched two reviews of Black Shark 2 phone, one is Pro and the other one is normal BS2 non Pro.

It was tested for playing pubg and BS2 PRO can only last for 3h 37 minutes, while Black Shark 2 can last FIVE HOURS.

Is there any way I can downclock BS2PRO to be like BS2 and use less battery ? I don't set my gfx setting too high to conserve battery and avoid heat. So might as well use it at standard clock.

From my own experience , I estimate mine will die in around 4 hours playing different game on auto.

Here are the vids I refer to :

BS2 at minute 29:27 , 5h 2 minutes

BS2 PRO , go to minute 7:08 and see that it will die after 3:36 minutes.


  • You can downclock in sharkspace, you can't choose what ghz ect as it's all preset, the snapdragon 855+ probably uses more power due to its configuration for the overclocking so I dont think much can be done in that regard.

  • I fear LinkSSZ is right and the SD855+ per definition just uses more power than the SD855. This is because the SD855+ overclocks the CPU and the GPU -> uses more power to run quicker. Its sadly not so easy just switching some switch to get from a SD855 to a SD855+ or the other way around and therefore there is no real solution to this.

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