Is it possible to make Notification stay on Lock-Screen?

My old phone was a Lollipop 5.0.2 and the last few notifications stayed on the lock-screen until I swiped or unlocked the phone.. With my new Black Shark 2 the notifications only stay on the lock screen for a few seconds when it happens and if I miss it I don't know there is anything waiting for me unless I actually unlock the phone and look at what it was or what I missed.. I like to selectively choose to ignore people or apps when I'm busy or working and sort it out later.. >. >

Am I missing something or is his how Android Pie is now?


  • Hey @YuJay1,

    If you get a notification it should stay on the lock screen. If you don't click on the notification, unlock the phone and don't open the app from it, the notifications app symbol should be still visible in the top left corner of your screen and also should be present when you swipe down the notification feed. When you lock the screen it also should be still on the lock screen then.

    If you open the app from that you received the notification the notification will be gone and therefore also gone from the lock screen. For example if you have a chat (in Whatsapp for example) open with person x and you lock your phone. When you receive a message from person x and y you will have both notifications on the lock screen. If you unlock your phone it will automatically open whatsapp with chat x because thats how you left it when you locked it. Both notifications will be gone even though you never actually opened chat y.

    If you you would have pressed the home button before locking your phone and you unlock it both notifications should be still there as when you unlock it doesn't open whatapp right away. If you would lock it again they also should be still present on the lock screen.

    You also can swipe away notifications from the lock screen. Then they are obviously also gone. If you experience other behavior there is something weird/wrong with the software. Could be related to different things then but most likely its related to some app that is installed on your device. If you can't figure out what causes that you could factory reset your phone and that probably would help?


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