Charging cable or charging port problem

My phone lately has not been charging properly, it shows charging when plugged in but the battery slowly discharges . When I changed the cable it charges fine and after a couple of charge sessions it is happening again i tried a different power brick just to be sure it doesn't work, but when i connected my old wire to a power bank it charges just fine. Im confused whether its the cable, the brick, or the charging port, because when I tried to plug in a type c earphone it doesn't detect well

After a few tries of plugging and unplugging the earphone only then it's able to detect it.

Has anyone else been having this problem?


  • Another issue, after powering off my phone it couldn't be powered back on, after approximately 15 minutes of trying and trying it turns on

  • Hey @Grim,

    weird indeed. I never faced that problem. For sure I would try to clean the charging port. You can find plenty of video on how to do that the best way on YouTube. Most likely it is somehow related to that?

    Your second issue is also super weird... never heard of something similar either. Maybe the button is a little stuck? Does that always happen when you power it off?

  • Hey @InMemoriam

    Alright I'll try cleaning the port, no my button isn't stuck and ever since the charging problem only I'm facing this issue.

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