Big problem with last update No. Update SKYW1911010OS00MP5

Big problem with last update No. Update


In black shark 2 

The global version where the device does a reboot and extinguish Wi-Fi and a telephone network and then re-run every short period Please solve the problem it is a problem faced by everyone

I can't use a device currently

Thanks to you


  • People on the forum: Is anyone else facing this?

  • I haven't experienced that on my device 🤷‍♂️. Maybe a factory reset helps to solve your issue @Hussain55.

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    My Software version is SKYW1911010OS00MP5 no update any more plz help me

  • @Loganjon332 I think this is actually the latest global version. I guess we still have to wait.

  • Sir there are so many bugs in this

  • Sir do u know how to unlock bootloader.......?

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    I agree there a couple of bugs... For these kind of things I would consult the xda-developer forum but be aware that ROMing and rooting is not officially supported. Better know what you're doing and make backups. Beside that you should find all necessary information on xda. If I remeber correctly what I read there it was something like bs_unlock and bs_unlock_critical.

  • Sir i need only 2 thinks

    No.1How to swipe back and recent buttonN

    o.2 change themes

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