Local Official store should sell at more or less the same price across countries.

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i really hate the phone market in Indonesia, they always mark up the price too high, even when it says official.

To my understanding retail price should be the same across countries, even if it differs it won't be by much, because there's a price guideline that should be followed which is a list price suggested by manufacturer.

So far the only manufacturer that can do that consistently is Apple.

In the end I bought a black market phone which is much cheaper. It can even be cheaper than list price.

Manufacturer price is actually damn cheap, they're the one who made the products so they're also the one that know best how much it should be, 100% or even 200% mark up is enough to cover whatever expense it will undergo before reaching any retailer anywhere on earth.

It's understandable for imported goods like Nintendo console/handheld for example, it's ok to pay above list price because there's no official Nintendo store/branch for Indonesia so it is imported. But phones stores that claim themselves as official should follow the list price, while in reality it can be way below list price because of competition, ppl buying more wholesale quantity will of course get higher discount but they also have higher risk if they can't sell product fast before price goes down. This marking up practice above list price has become common, they need to stop, I hope ppl will realize this and refrain themselves from buying at above list price from official stores especially here in Indonesia. As a developing country ppl already suffer from currency rate toward usd, and now this.

I know this is the fault of the people upstairs becuse they can't create a regulation that's more inclined toward the people and instead go for profit. 17.5% tax from whatever price, the higher the price the higher the tax for them.

What's so funny is, Xiaomi has manufacture plant here in Indonesia, but the products coming out of this factory can not compete with black market and still have higher price. But ppl here don't seem to understand this kind of supply chain and just accept it. New phone, higher price, higher spec, make sense for them, they have they money, they buy it no questions asked.

The government already planned to ban IMEI from BM phones, effective April next year, so phones that pay taxes can compete in the market. They already partnered with Xiaomi and maybe others too, all they have to do is follow the list price first instead of this disgusting practice marking up prices. BM needs to pay shipping fee and they buy from distributors overseas, there is no way they can compete with manufacturer.


  • Just get China import and done...

    I buy china imported units too.

    Cheaper and same thing....

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    Yeah, I always do and just did for Black Shark 2 Pro, but the government is going to ban IMEI from unregistered phones in their database starting April 2020. It's for phones entering Indonesia after that date, mine should be ok but kinda uncertain.

    That is a stupid regulation, usually in the market, price war is won by whoever can sell the cheapest, but NO, the government has decided that the competition is won by those selling the most expensive because they get a cut (17.5%) by employing a stupid regulation.

    I wonder if this kind of regulation ever been used before outside Indonesia. They won't even get that much money, it's a VERY VERY small money compared to the amount of money being corrupted by corrupt officials.

    I really hate paying money far higher than the actual item's worth, especially when it's for fattening other people's wallet that's already fat to begin with.

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