[Announcement]May 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2:Download now!



  • @Davon.z Please do something about stopping the advance task killing issues, game notification issues and LTE Volte issues going on. They are annoying too many users. @BlackSharkTeam

  • @Davon.z i purchased shark cooler (chinese) accessory for black shark 2, while it works great at suppressing heat it gets disabled as soon as i enter shark space mode, i hope it'll be added to game dock soon too.

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    It's supposed to be fast.

    Now the Chinese rom of BS1 can be upgraded to andriod p

  • I recently get BS2, and honestly I am impressed with everything BS2 shoved at the masses currently. But 1 thing that was a letdown in my opinion is that BS2 didn't have VOLTE. I mostly work outside of mobile network range, and it was hard to try make a call every time. BS2 just cant be more perfect without VOLTE in my opinion. I hope @BlackSharkTeam can give us this wonderful update not far in the future.

  • So where's the famous update of the BS1 @BlackSharkTeam today 21 ???

  • Hi Black shark 2 team, first of your device is awesome and love that you allowed the user to use the chip to full power, everything on phone is awesome, just one I want is to optimize the software, software is little buggy which result in less performance, like the Chinese Rom has great performance, please provide software update , hope you provide an update as early as possible.

  • Yeah u guys ar so hyped for this update. Just wait till they make a new phone and yours will be abandoned like BS1

  • as long as you are in time, sell it, I'm a bin. this phone will soon die. zero development and zero modding. I just sold it to switch to oneplus 7 pro. goodbye black shark :)

  • lol security patch level 5th April..!!.. i think xiaomi software developer are sleeping... hehehe LOL..

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