Bs1 left gamepad battery problem

Hi guys

I'm having a problem with the left gamepad, i charged it all day, but when i connect it to Bluetooth of the phone, it says "the battery is low" and the gamepad have the red light and turns off... I can only use it while charing...

Its possible that the battery is dead? I dont use it a lot bcoz i dont need ir for most of my games...

Can i change the battery or fix it myself?

Regards from Argentina


  • Hey @quir0,

    Kind of sounds like the battery is pretty much done? I had a lot of problems with my bs1 left gamepad v1 myself, but never with the battery. The battery holds very long on mine and I actually had another hardware problem before the battery even run out... Tbh I think the first version of the gamepads just have some bad design and break easily. Sadly the controller seem glued together so idk how it looks from inside but I kind of doubt that its super easy to change the battery? If you decide to rly break it open please send some pictures, I'm curious.

    I can recommend the second version gamepads because they are of much better quality and I never had issues with that.

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