Bs1 left gamepad battery problem

Hi guys

I'm having a problem with the left gamepad, i charged it all day, but when i connect it to Bluetooth of the phone, it says "the battery is low" and the gamepad have the red light and turns off... I can only use it while charing...

Its possible that the battery is dead? I dont use it a lot bcoz i dont need ir for most of my games...

Can i change the battery or fix it myself?

Regards from Argentina


  • Hey @quir0,

    Kind of sounds like the battery is pretty much done? I had a lot of problems with my bs1 left gamepad v1 myself, but never with the battery. The battery holds very long on mine and I actually had another hardware problem before the battery even run out... Tbh I think the first version of the gamepads just have some bad design and break easily. Sadly the controller seem glued together so idk how it looks from inside but I kind of doubt that its super easy to change the battery? If you decide to rly break it open please send some pictures, I'm curious.

    I can recommend the second version gamepads because they are of much better quality and I never had issues with that.

  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem than quir0.

    It can't be a battery problem since I have charged it so few times (always with original black shark charger) nothing bad could happen.

    The only thing it comes in my mind is that yesterday for the first time I totally drained battery forgetting to recharge it before total discharge... maybe once you totally discharge it, the battery gets some "memory" bug or something similar? Until yesterday it had worked perfectly with very long lasting and now can't be recharged anymore, it's really weird.

    Also the symptoms are exactly the same than quir0.

    And I am talking about 2nd generation GamePad, the one that comes in bundle with the right joypad and the rail cover.

    Please help!

    Thank you!

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    As I supposed the battery works perfectly, yesterday after many tries I was giving up so I decided to play games while keeping the pad in charge and going to buy a new one but I decided to connect it to a low power powerbank instead of usual original Black shark power supplier and... magically the battery status passed from totally discharged to full immediately so I tried to disconnect it and play on battery and it worked, it stopped going power off itself and I played for many hours consecutively checking the battery status continuously which is still full 4/4.

    So my conclusion is that the phone power supplier is too powerful to be used to recharge the 2nd gen GamePad and after some recharges the battery itself goes nuts, just use a normal power supplier!!!

  • Also don't use until the battery is completely dead! Onces it show the battery low notice imediately stop using it and charge. I remember facing similar problem when I use it until the battery is completely depleted to the point of dying midgame and when I try to charge the Gamepad it will keep showing battery low even after i charge it for many hours. I think the Gamepad will go nuts after dying midgame lol.

  • Yes, that's probably the main point, I noticed it too, it is strongly advised to avoid complete discharge as it creates some kind of mistake on the battery memory.


  • NICE @Zenith,

    at least now we know how to solve this problem. Sadly my v1 gamepad didn't survive as long because of some other hardware issue but good to know!

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