[Shark Topic] Recommend your favorite Gaming space

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Last time, we talk about the topic-

[Shark Topic] Shark space background recommendationHere is the best space for gamers

And we had adaption some game picture already recommend by forum gamers.

This time we want discussion with everyone what's your favorite GAME SPACE

For now ,we had achieve these feature in the shark space blow:

Observer mode | One key

Accessories Space |

Game app list this function |

But we also know that these features are not enough.

Because gamers always want better game space.

Once again, ask everyone what you think the best game space should look like?

Comment blow share with us,Maybe we will really achieve the needs you want in the future upgrade.

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  • edited November 2019 #1

    1. Possibility to order the games by some presets (like alphabeticaly, most played) or/and edit the order on my own
    2. Custom images for the games
    3. More configs for sharktime (Option for video quality, maybe more time recording)
    4. Options for the screen recorder (The miui one it's A LOT better than yours!) like resolution, bitrate etc
    5. The screenrecorder need to have an option to stream for third party service, like twitch, youtube or whatever (with internal sound and mic maybe?)
    6. Fix the problems with the controls on games (analogic control bugging because the other finger is touching the screen)

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  • I totally agree with LimaZ. Specially the option to keep an order in the aps. Thanks, BlackShark!

  • Opción de poder mapear botones en otros gamepad

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