Payment Euro-Dollars

Hello, Im from Poland and i wanna pay for BS2pro in dollars cuz it's much better for me it is possible? i don't see option to change currency in payment menu... i have only euro option. any admin or someone can help?


  • How much is it in Euro / Dollar ?

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    Black shark pro is a really good phone and I hate it that prices are different in other places. Even specs are different in Europe and India or USA. Better phones cost much less in India and USA and it is annoying that we have to overpay everything in Europe. I bought my phone from India and I paid for shipping and it still costs less to do that then to buy it in a store in Europe. When the phone arrived it was great and there were no problems with it. It was an international version so I had no problems with connection. I will keep buying phones like this and the only thing you need is a payment service you can trust. I use EcoPayz and I love it. You can go on and register account though their website to get more benefits with EcoPayz.

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