Why not have screenrecord at 60 fps on pro bs2

Bs2 and 2 pro have very different fonctionnality like camera record / light / processor / ufi 3.0 / ex... But with all this "power" we can't record 60fps vidéo for youtube ?

Wath a heck is that ? All other app of recording have 60fps record. And all phone can play and record (like a snapdragon 855+ devices XD) at the same time !!!

Pls make a 60fps screen recording .


  • Mine is set to 30fps but it actually records at 60fps, I uploaded a vid to YouTube and it showed 60fps.

  • W? Are u shure ? I am curious

  • The most annoying problem is the bitrate of the record! I made a video and the BR is 5!!!! On my last phone (Pocophone F1) had a screen recorder from MIUI that has the ability to configure and I could configure to use something like 15BR! The video on it was so smooth and pretty, now that I have a truly game phone my match seems to be recorded on a crap phone...

  • I guess this phone has a few bugs and missing features... I just hope it can be fixed with later updates 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻... If there was the rom open to developers, it would be fixed sooner

  • Just sharing, I was thinking that the phone doesn't have config for the screen recorder, but has it. I don't know why this didn't appear earlier but you can put the screen recorder button on the notification area and when you press continuously on it opens the configuration! There you can adjust the resolution and bitrate

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