Gamepad 1 but right side

Hi guys.

I'm looking for the right side for bs1, but with the original left side case, i dont have money for the new case AND both new gamepads

It is possible to play with the original left side gamepad and a right side gamepad + an adapter?

Regards from Argentina


  • The mechanisms that the gamepads are mounted on the phone are different in the first version and the second version. For the left v1 gamepad you need that minimalistic "case" or rather a frame to mount it. With the v2 you need the hole (real) case or this adapters but I never tried the adapters and I'm not sure if they also exist for the bs1. Anyway I fear this frame and the adapters might block each other and it wont fit properly? I can't tell for sure though as I don't have any adapters.

    I'm also not sure if it would work from the software to connect a v1 left and v2 right at the same time but I guess so? Haven't tried it though.

    I personally don't think the v1 gamepad is of very good quality because mine broke a couple of times but with the v2 I never had any problems. The v2 also feels better in the hands imo. So I bought the hole package left + right + case.

  • Thanks for the comment Bro, gonna try to buy both then. Cheers!!

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