How to use apps in full screen

edited March 22 in Black Shark 2

I m not getting option to use apps at full screen ..PLZZ help me to get out from it ...


  • Apps should default to full screen upon launch. Android does not have a way to resize the app window, unless you are using Widgets or like an emulator of some sorts (AFAIK)

    Could you please share a screenshot of the issue you are facing for more clarification?

  • Look at lower side the black bar is showing .

  • Are you talking about the navigation bar (back button and home button)? This is obviously normal behavior in android? It only vanishes when playing videos for example.

  • That is normal for the Flipkart app to show the navigation bar on near stock Android.

    I know that Samsung's UI has the ability to hide the navigation bar for normal apps too via the settings.

    I dont think that that option is there on this phone.

    But yes, as InMemorian rightly said, it does hide itself for videos and some other apps that need immersion.

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