Black Shark 1 stop working

hello, at the beginning of the year I bought the Black Shark 1 device the months went by and the device worked correctly but since last week the phone stopped working. out of nowhere came a purple line and went out, I never fell, I was in perfect condition and I do not know what could have happened please help I do not speak English use the google translator sorry for the bad translation


  • Wow, that is bad/sad. I believe the phone is not booting up, right? Could you tell me a few things:

    When you charge the phone, does the charging screen come up?

    If you connect your phone to a PC, does it boot up?

    If you keep the power button pressed for 20 seconds, does the phone vibrate or do you see any changes on the screen?

  • when I connect it, it turns on a red LED and does not start, when connected to a PC it does not recognize it

  • This is good. Atleast it is not completely dead yet,

    It needs a jump start like we do for cars. Something is either restricting the bootup or the battery is completely drained.

    Keep it on charging for an hour. Once it gets a little warm after an hour, press the power button for 20 seconds while charging.

    It might take a few tries, but this should get the bootloader to kick in.

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