Connect to pc, cable ori

Hi, when i connect my bs2 to the pc using usb cable always disconnected repeatly. It does connect but then fail. How do i solve this problem? Developer option also cannot connect properly. Help pls


  • Hey @EeveeOne,

    Does it work (at least shortly) as expected or not at all? If it does work sometimes your charging port might be just dirty and I would try to clean it.

    If it doesn't work at all it could be a driver issue? Head into the device manager on your PC and check what's the name of the device when you plug it in. I already heard from some people that it shows up as Google Nexus ADB interface and not SKW-H0. They then uninstalled the Google Nexus drivers and it worked again. Maybe you have the same or a similar issue?

  • Hey, sorry for late reply. well, right now it does worked well apparently. just i have this REAL problem is, when Im on fastboot mode/bootloader it does not detect to pc at ALL. I tried a lots of thing including reinstall all those driver and even WINDOWS downgrade still same. It is because of my phone really problem? p/s it does connect to PC normally when in normal startup

  • I guess you enable usb debugging in the developer options? Black shark doesn't support ROOTing and ROMing officially and has made the hole fastboot experience a little different. I guess the XDA-Developers forum is a better place for these things.

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