Phone battery drained and too hot when put hang up mode.

Well, I bought new black shark 2 pro.

I'm quite dissapointed with its battery performance.

I'm a mmorpg player so sometimes I need to AFK alot

Right now I have mi9 too with its game speed booster and it can lock the screen while background apps (which is game) is still running and when it's running the temperature of mi9 is not hot and just normal..

Of course Black shark 2 pro also has black shark space and it has hang up option in the menu. but hang up option while we re using that feature, the battery and temperature increase quite high. Very hot I feel in the pocket and when I tried to open the deskboard, the battery is around 43 C.

And the important thing is the battery itself. It drains.. faster than my mi9.

Maybe can someone give me advice or maybe an apps to lock the screen but still running game in the background and it makes the battery last longer and the phone itself not that hot?



  • @Kenkakashi, maybe head into the Gamer Studio for that game and set the performance to Level 1. This way it should use much less battery and shouldn't heat up anymore.

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