Android One vs. MIUI 11

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Anyone had Android 9 Stock (or One) and MIUI 11? Which one is more comfortable and beneficial? I love MIUI 11 but they offer me one with Android One and I don't know if it suits me. There are features of M11 that fascinate me.


  • Android One is stock Android. It doe snot have the bells and whistles that MIUI has, but it is more lightweight. It comes a lot to taste. I find stock Android good, but I do like some of the features that MIUI offer. One of the best variants is OnePlus's OxygenOS, which has a great balance on features, without making it too cluttered. I kinda missed that when switching from my OnePlus 5t to Black Shark 2. However, Black Shark 2 does come with mostly stock Android (something that I hope will change soon once JoyUI 11 launches for it globaly)

  • Agree with Pazvanti here. Also just to add, while stock Android is pretty much bare, at least your phone's resources will be more dedicated to the app or game you're running.

  • Not sure why people are asking this in a black shark forum. Anyway one of the biggest reason not to go with stock Android one is missing feature like screen recorder. Maybe Android 11 will finally add a native screen recorder till that happen it's a no for me.

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