[Shark News]Today ,open the Transformation and new reality of Black Shark.

Every time, our expedition goes beyond the limits and becomes stronger.

Today, witness the next Transformation, open the new reality of Black Shark.

All experiences are experienced. All feelings feel real. 




  • Team , when did comming joy ui 11 for gkobal version ? We need uodate this joy ui

  • Blacksharks do not listen to consumer demands, we asked JoyUI 11 but they don't answer I will never buy Black Shark's cell phone

  • Yes , me too , but i wil rec clip wor black shark 2 pro and we will upload on youtube , we are more then that team

  • When did comming joy ui 11 ? Someone k'nows ??????????????????

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    Algo me han respondido. Gracias black Shark

  • I enough for this brand.

  • Where is the update for black shark 2 pro global , someone answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have black shark 2 how to swap back and recet button

    And my request plz add theme store in new update

  • You guys want real transformation? Start listening to your customers, or what remains of it.

    You want real experiences? Start reading your own forum, and any social media forum or group about your own product. Acknowledge them and let them know you're listening (reading?) and looking into matters.

    You want feelings? I'm one who's really disappointed with this product. It has so much potential, yet you guys don't seem to take advantage of it via software updates. Understand that this market segment of yours has one of the most demanding type of users, who can and will pay premium for this and all its accessories. But if you guys just ignore your customers, they can quickly look to other brands, and they will, because they can.

    Transformation? Start with yourselves first.

  • Why my bs1 using googlestock firmware?? SKR-H0 !! , I'm new user , pls help me .

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