[Black Shark x MPL] Legends are Here,Support your team for your chance to win Limited Skin.

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Thank you for participating in our event. Now the contest result is coming out, congratulations to everyone.🤩

Please join the Facebook group to receive the award within 15 days after seeing the result.

Please apply for the group with your forum username and verify it.

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[Black Shark x MPL]Fight with my Team and win limited hero skin of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

[Black Shark x MPL] Legends are Here,Support your team for your chance to win Limited Skin.

[Black Shark x MPL]Born to be legends and win ML limited Skins


10 teams battled for 6 weeks, and they’ve finally reached the end: the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Final event.

The final teams that reached the finals were:


Team1-EVOS Esports SG



Team4-Axis Esports


Team5-Geek Fam

Team6-XPAX X-Assins

Team7-Shopee Bosskurr

Team8-Notorious Villains

Which team will reign legends? Choose your team for your chance to win.


Here’s how it works:

Comment blow With #LegendsareHere+ who you think which one will be the champion team and why.

Example: #LegendsareHere I support Team 1-EVOS Esports SG,because they all are the best!


Contest Duration

15th October - 18th October (11:59pm), 2019.



①1 winner: The 6th person guessed that the champion team can win the prize(Alucard ObsidianBlade*1)

②Randomly draw prizes from people who guessed the runner-up team:

Johnson WreckKing Limited Skin*3

Akai ImperialAssassin Limited Skin*3

③Lucky draw winner(Randomly draw prizes from all participants):

Harley V.E.N.O.M.Octupos Epic Skin*5

Angela V.E.N.O.M.Vespid Epic Skin*5

Zilong GloriousGeneral Epic Skin*5

Layla S.A.B.E.R.Breacher Epic Skin*5

④Participation Prize(Comment floor #102,#1111,#1020,#50920,#10200 will get this prize):

Hanabi V.E.N.O.M.Nephila Epic Skin*5


a. Only five comment each account are allowed. If you leave more than five comment, only your first five comment will be counted.

b. Each account can win ONLY 1 prize.

c. Spammy posts will be disqualified and may get an official warning.

d. Cheating will not be tolerated. Any cheating software or photo manipulation will invalidate your entry, and your account may be closed.

e. Winners will be announced on October 22,Winners will be notified by PM(private message) in Black Shark forum for prize claim instructions (don’t forget to regularly check your inbox in Black Shark forum.


 Good luck to every gamer, It's now or never.

 Legends are Here


  • #LegendsareHere I support Team1-EVOS Esports SG because they have great synergy and team work! Been a fan of them since I first saw them play and had their new team in my home country which is the Philippines! I hope they come out on top!

  • #LegendsareHere I support Team EVOS Esports SG,because they all are the best and I support them!

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    #LegendsareHere  I support Team1-EVOS Esports SG because I think they are the best team and probably will win.

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    #LegendsareHere I support Team7-Shopee Bosskurr because I like the online shop shopee and the name sounds funny 😜

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    #LegendsareHere  I also support Team5-Geek Fam because they consider themselves as family and are geeks. Perfect combination for a good Team.

  • #LegendsareHere I support Team2-Resurgence because they are a great team and definitely have a chance of winning.

  • #LegendsareHere I support Team4-Axis Esports because they are a very good team and a decent axis is always required to drive to victory!

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