Joy ui 11

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When global users can update joy ui 11 ? Someone anwser please


  • Sadly there have been no official announcments about this at all. So I guess it still takes a while 😅.

  • Well we are waiting

  • Hey, I've updated to JoyUi 11 apparently successful, but I found some issues or something like that, I cannot disable the Dark Mode, I tried anything that I can, but I think it's an issue when you configured out a Theme and warinings you about not compatibility with dark mode, so there is some one with the same issue??? Pls I don't wanna restore all device to know what its going wrong.

  • how can i update my black shark 2 pro i have dltr2001110cn00mp3?

  • Some help here?? Also I notice an issue on gps, can't use it, there is trouble when I try to use maps or any app that needs that function, pls help!!!

  • @ThTimeGigolo whats says or what error ?

  • I'm not sure whether anyone which has already updated their BS2pro to JoyUI 11 has the same problem as me or not, but what I wanna say is that, since after update to JoyUI 11, the Cellular Data has become a mess, it is not working as smoothly as it used to be and yes just as everyone on the internet mentioned about it being funding by Xiaomi, in this new JoyUI 11 everything is almost just as Xiaomi phone. And the phone which I used to love with stable cellular data has almost become a junk to me now. Sometimes I won't get any notification unless I switched airplane mode on and off to make the Cellular worked back. So it also affect the gaming experience as it keeps on loading than working normally. I regretted that I upgraded to JoyUI 11.

  • I Can understand your frustration about this early joyUI 11 experience but ...can you tell me if there is a real battery improvement?

  • Anyway sucks from the start

    I think this never gonna be good xd

  • We'll I found a new errors on Chinese Version of JoyUi 11, can't use any app with Gps, like maps, Uber, etc... Also can't install xapk files extension (for games) and isn't available change or disable the dark mode after battery drops at 70%

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