BS2 Pro Chinese Just got Android 10

I just received OTA and the changelog was in Chinese i just skipped all updated, rebooted and boom! I got Android 10 On my BS2 Pro and it's freaking awesome .. many new cool customizations for almost everything. Everything is in dark UI and i can really feel some better battery and performance optimizations, built-in screen recorder can now do 60 FPS yeaah! Connections and tethering/hotspot got new options i can control over,block a specific person on my network.

New magicball (like the assistive touch on IOS)

A great great must had long waited feature 'One-Handed mode'

New button shortcuts.

All new Ambient display customizations and stuff, and finally they did remove the annoying Chinese letters from the main dialer (was getting me mad af i had to side-load the google dialer to use it as main) now the main phone dialer looks so elegant with cool options.

I hope you devs and amazing nerds find a way to root and unlock this so we can get much more of it.


Version: DLTR2001202CN00MQ0

JoyUI 11 Updated to 20.01.20


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