black shark 1 camera focus problem


  • Have u tried force stop the camera app as well as restart phone. If problem still precist I'm affraid you need to replace the camera hardware.

  • The BS 1 camera has a lot of issues, can't even take a proper pic or a video coz the camera just keeps going in and out of focus or it just freezes completely until you restart your phone. There are so many issues with the phone that can easily be fixed with an update.

    It's just so frustrating that these issues are not being resolved. I love my phone, but it's just getting very annoying to the point I just want to throw it out the window 🤬

  • Download gcametor. they have a version specially modified for the bs1 of the google camera. It is the one I use and there is a huge difference between the quality of both

  • I also would just recommend the Google ports for all the Black shark phones. I (European) barely ever open the stock camera (the pre-installed bs camera app) on my bs1 and bs2 as the google apk just snap 100x better pictures in all scenarios IMO. Eventhough my Asian wife loves the stock camera as it just seems the stock camera are optimised for Asian people and the Google ports are more optimized towards western people. The stock one just brigthens your face and even smooth it out a bit I feel like (beauty mode off) whereas the Google ports are much more sharp colorful and punshy. As I said I never open the stock one 🙈.

  • Also forgot to mention you need to give the stock camera all permission if not it will crash. You can also try gcam as suggested by some here.

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