BS1's Gamepad Compatibility in Call of Duty: Mobile

As the title above, the awaited Fps game Call of Duty: Mobile is now available to play in Android and IOS,

Played this game quite a while now, and i discovered something..

While playing with the gamepad for BS1, the joystick control's is a bit odd, like it's not responding at some time and such.

On the other hand, the buttons(r1&r2) worked perfectly

Perhaps there's something to work on for the compatibility here? I'd contacted the game developer, but not sure if they did contact the BS HQ for compatibility issues with the gamepad

Hopefully this bug fixes soon, thanks


  • Hey @BewokRacer , did you enable the fixed location for the joystick in the settings of call of duty. Any other way it recenters constantly giving you a little weird experience - maybe that's the reason?

  • Yup, I did fixed the joystick location, cz when it's not, the gamepad runs even badly

    And yeah, sometimes it's recenters, and at some point, it can't go further up, down, or left n right( I need to release the pad and re move it a few times for it to work properly

  • It's a weird problem but I have found if you move the stick too fast it will centre in the direction you moved it, like if I moved it up really fast the input would be further up on the screen showing the analogue in the centre despite being pushed all the way up.

    Contacting the game devs wont help as they dont support controllers, let's just hope they dont ban blackshark users now 😅

  • Same problem with this game. And we are not alone, many people i meet on 4pda forum.

    Many things were tried but no results.

  • Sample - i cannot move forward till release gamepad and press it up again

  • I found out that the CoDM doesn't support gamepads Yet, Not at 100%... Maybe is that, bcoz i have the same problem

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    still this problem which isn't solved for Call of Duty Mobile, the joystick still doesn't work, while some joysticks for mobiles work, it's a pity cause i have this problem only on this game, after several tests, I reduced the disconnection of the joystick while waiting to find the solution but it's not perfect.

  • Oh, it is great news! I have not heard Call of Duty is available for mobile devices. I will download it for sure. But I am reading some comments that it does not work properly from a mobile. Was that fixed? I do not want to waste my time on something that will not operate well. I am from Georgia, show me 404 area code. And I cannot find any information on the recent update here.

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