[Black Shark x MPL]Fight with my Team and win limited hero skin of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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Everyone dreams of becoming an esports legend.

Thank you for participating in our event. Now the contest result is coming out, congratulations to everyone.🤩

Please join the Facebook group to receive the award within 15 days after seeing the result.

Please apply for the group with your forum username and verify it.

JOIN the winner group now!


(If you have any questions about the final result, you can check the lucky draw process of the attachment.)

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The lucky draw process of the attachment.

Learn more:

[Black Shark x MPL] Legends are Here,Support your team for your chance to win Limited Skin.

[Black Shark x MPL]Born to be legends and win ML limited Skins


From the first match to the final, every single esports team is finding towards one singular goal: Victory. And they continue on and overcome obstacles with the support of their loyal fans.

On October 19th to 20th, several teams will compete in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for the ultimate prize, representing the highest tier of professional MPL gaming.

Fight your team and win.


Here’s how it works:

Use #FightwithmyTeam Comment below let us know what team you support, and why.

Example: #FightwithmyTeam I support XXXX team because I always root for the underdog!

Contest Duration

11th October - 20th October (11:59pm ), 2019.



Winners(Comment) floor number will be chosen randomly.

1x MPL Malaysia finals VIP entrance ticket(Only tickets, no other fees involve)

1x Black Shark legends game package(involve Saber Codename - Storm Skin)

6x Black Shark diamond game package

20x Black Shark gold game package

Extra Participation prize:

5x Black Shark sliver game package

Comment floor #109,#1090,#1020,#5090,#10900 will get this prize

Black Shark diamond game package involved:

Zilong ChangbanpoCommander Limited Skin*3

Saber Onimaru Limited Skin*3

Black Shark gold game package invoved:

Rafaela FlowerFairy Epic Skin*5

Rafaela S.A.B.E.R.Savior Epic Skin*5

Johnson S.A.B.E.R.Automata Epic Skin*5

Harley GreatInventor Epic Skin*5

Black Shark sliver game package

Grock V.E.N.O.M.MonitorLizard*5

The redemption code will be randomly distributed to the winners.

Mobile legends Game package Code exchange url:



a. Only five comment each account are allowed. If you leave more than five comment, only your first five comment will be counted.

b. Each account can win ONLY 1 prize, each account can exchange one package code only. 

c. Spammy posts will be disqualified and may get an official warning.

d. Cheating will not be tolerated. Any cheating software or photo manipulation will invalidate your entry, and your account may be closed.

e. Winners will be announced on October 25.




Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MY/SG Season 4 (MPL-MY/SG) is the premier esports league for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Malaysia and Singapore. Supported by Legendary Sponsor Black Shark, this league covers a qualifier stage and a Regular Season that is played online, followed by a live Playoffs event where the final 8 teams will battle for a share of the US$100,000 prize pool. The entire tournament is streamed live on MLBB’s Facebook page, in collaboration with Facebook Gaming.

Black Shark 2 Pro

Black Shark, the cutting-edge gaming technology company, has launched three models of gaming phones since its establishment and would release the Black Shark 2 Pro as its fourth Generation of product that redefines mobile gaming with the introduction of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Good luck to every gamer,Fight with your team.



  • The final teams that reached the finals were:


    Team1-EVOS Esports SG



    Team4-Axis Esports


    Team5-Geek Fam

    Team6-XPAX X-Assins

    Team7-Shopee Bosskurr

    Team8-Notorious Villains

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support EVOS Esports SG team because they are a good team

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Resurgence team because they have wonderful teamwork

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Axis Esports team because their team work is amazing

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Geek Fam team because they are pros

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Notorious Villains team because they play amazing

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Evos Esports because their teamwork is awesome

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Resurgence they are pros

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support EVOS Esports sh they are pros

  • #FightwithmyTeam I support Geek Fam team because they are pros

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